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The Smelliest Fruit in the World

In Exotic Foods, Singapore, Smelliest Foods on October 18, 2009 at 10:57 am


The South East Asians worship the durian like a miracle, and even name it ‘the King of Fruits’. So much so that it’s almost like a mascot of our culinary world. Despite its glorious reputation, many visitors to this part of the world often find the strong and strange aroma rather, unpleasant.

In Singapore, it is even against the law to bring durians into taxis, the subway system and hotels, due to the powerful smell they give off. From blocks away, you could smell if a family is having a durian feast. Oh yeh, it’s almost an enigma on its own. How could a fruit or anything edible smell this bad?

The locals however, beg to differ. To us, this heavenly smell is unique and not to mention, fragrant and sinful. A delightful weekend treat always includes opening up a durian and savouring its pure texture and flavour.

The interior of a durianWith a prickly obscurely green outer shell, the inside of a durian usually contains up to 6 seeds engulfed in yellow thick meat. The taste of it is hard to describe, it’s almost a mixture of sour and sweet, with a thick and soft mango-like texture.

How to eat it?

It usually takes some strength to chop it in half, then dig your fingers in to the yellow meat and start chewing away.

Where to get it?

The best place to get top quality durians in Singapore, is Geylang Road.  An entire street dedicated to good food, local eats and prostitution (what a strange combination, get there and you’ll know what I mean), it’s a must for any food-lover and traveler interested in seeing a different side of the country. Rows of durian stalls line the street and are brightly lit with fluorescent lamp, you won’t miss it! Remember to choose the D24 durians, best species ever!

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