Imperial Food in Beijing

In China on November 9, 2009 at 10:41 pm

Behold the imperial version of  traditional Chinese dishes at Ge Ge Fu: a Manchurian restaurant set in an authentic ancient mansion allowing you to genuinely walk back in time, specifically, the Qing Dynasty.


At Ge Ge Fu (translated to ‘Home of the Princess Dowager’), food does not play the key role. It’s is the rare experience that they provide.

With waiters dressed in traditional Royal servants’ costumes, and even addressing you as a Princess, you really might just feel like a royalty. It is inevitable to feel like you’re walking straight into a tourist trap (at least I did!), but the all-Chinese menu and Chinese-speaking Manager and servers assure you a true Chinese indulgence. Don’t fret – bring a phrasebook along, and you’ll do just fine.

Before the meal, you even get a tour of the ancient mansion, where you can explore the ancient study room and living area. They are fully furnished with antique porcelain and ivory furniture, retaining the way they looked centuries ago. There are also traditional dance performances and acrobatics right in the eating hall.

Traditional dance in the courtyard

The restaurant’s specialty is its hot pot. With a huge variety of different soups and sauces to choose from, I’d highly recommend the duck soup and snake soup. Steamy, sour yet rich, and definitely a refreshing taste of Imperial cuisine. Match that with some cold vegetables such as pickled cabbage, and rice, you would get a satisfying and unique meal. Of course, with such a unique setting and extravagant cuisine, all these come with a price. A 3-course meal that comes with vegetables and steaming hot pot, costs 200RMB per person.

Hotpot and dumpling

Ge Ge Fu Restaurant

9 Daqudeng Hutong, Meishuguan Houdajie,
Open 11:30am-1:30pm; 5pm-10pm

Tel: +86 10 6407-8006

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