Top 5 Foods to Try in the Philippines

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Honestly, can you name any typically Filipino dish? Why does the mention of Asian food only brings to mind Kong Bao Chicken, Chinese Fried Rice and Pad Thai?

Filipino dishes have been under the shadows of its Asian cousins for way too long. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain, they are gaining some well-deserved attention of their own these days.

Barbecued meat - Photo by petitochips.

The Philippines undoubtedly has the best barbecued street food and satiable meat. At every corner of the Philippines, you will find locals gathered around a barbecue grill, enjoying skewered meat with a San Miguel beer in hand. These are 5 of the best Filipino foods to dip your hands in to taste culture at its best.

1. Isaw Manok

One of the most popular local favs is the unique Isaw Manok (grilled chicken intestines on a skewer)- grilled to crispy perfection and glazed with sweet and spicy sauce. Besides the Isaw, there are many other barbecued organs you can choose from – chicken gizzards, liver and goose tongue. They might sound exotic, but give it go and you’ll find them better than any other grilled foods around.

Isaw Manok

2. Tapsilog

A typical Filipino breakfast, this platter is made up of rice with dried cured meat and a fried egg cooked sunnyside up. Simple as it is,  the Filipinos can’t live without it. Despite its huge portion, especially for a breakfast, you’ll be asking for more.

Tapsilog - Photo by Miggy

3. Chicken Adobo

Tender chicken slices cooked with soya sauce, onion and vinegar, it actually looks like a typical Chinese dish. Don’t let its appearance fool you, the flavourful and well-marinated sauce tastes of  Spanish and Mexican influence.

Chicken Adobo

4. Lechon Kawali

This carnivorous nation prides itself on its immaculately roasted meat and its accompanying gravy. Crunchy roasted pork with layers of fats, accented with chilli and a grey anchovy sauce, this is one of the best Asian dishes I’ve had. Simple but perfect. Extremely crispy though unhealthy, the platter itself makes the Philippines worth a visit.

Kechon Kawali

5. Oxtail Kare-kare

An oxtail stew that’s cooked for a long time over strong fire to give it a thick texture and flavoured tinge. It might taste like peanut butter at the beginning, but savour abit more and you’ll find the real taste of it.

IMG 0065 by newyork808.
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  2. #4 is spelled as Lechon (not kechon) 🙂 And yes it is yummy indeed!

  3. Hey Twinky, I’ve corrected it, thanks for letting me know! Yeh I’m craving these foods right now.

  4. hey that’s true – but Balut is worth a whole post on its own! I’ll write it soon. Watch out for it!

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